Results from the MAAT North Shore Junior 1 Day Tournament

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Sunday 24th May at 8am the first games commenced for the MAAT North Shore Junior 1 day tournament. 52 young players  from clubs around Auckland and a young player from Whangarei descended on the club to compete in their respective divisions. It was a full on day with each player having 3 games over the course of the day. Finals were scheduled for 3.30pm. There were a few upsets during the day with these enthusiastic players putting their heart and soul into every game they played and many beating their seeding on the day. The Boys division 1 final was an epic match with the 2nd game going to 21 -19. Reuben He was to be the victor on the day beating Zonal Ali. Many commenting on the fact that these young E grade players would give many of the D and C grade players a run for their money. A day that was a great success and great to see so many young up and coming players enjoying and competing. Full results were

Boys Division 1

Winner: Reuben He Runner Up: Zonal Ali (NS) Special Plate: Conner Smith Plate: Seth Smith Consolation Plate: Cameron Dooley

Boys Division 2

Winner: Jacob Svendsen (NS) Runner Up: Chris Smith (NS) Special Plate: Keenan Paopao-Brown Plate: George Skinner Consolation Plate: Sean Kim(NS)

Boys Division 3

Winner: Yoon Hon Song (NS) Runner Up: Eric Lee(NS) Special Plate: Campbell Maitland Plate: Isaac Munro Consolation Plate: Alex Keijzer

Boys Division 4

Winner: Felix Kim(NS) Runner Up: Justin Chung (NS) Special Plate: Tyler Maitland Plate: Samuel Munro Consolation Plate: Jakob Woods

Boys Division 5

Winner: Campbell Vos Runner Up: Daniel O’Brien

Girls Division 1

Winner: Briar Evans Runner Up: Laura Hilson

Girls Division 2

Winner: Nicole Svendsen (NS) Runner Up: Jess Jones (NS)

Girls Division 3

Winner: Ha Won Ryu (NS) Runner Up: Jordan Smith Special Plate: Sophie Bradley Plate: Danielle Duberly (NS) Consolation Plate: Maia Smales

Some Results – NS 1 Dayer

Well done to all entrants!  Some great games !  Sorry if I don’t mention everyone…but well done to Zonal (2nd Div 1), Jacob winner Div 2, little sister Nicole (Girls Div2), Jess 2nd to Nicole, Chris Kim 2nd Div 2, Sean Kim……….

QB Weekend  – This weekend – NO JETS..except for Grads & E grade players

  • Grads & E grade – play at Henderson
  • No squash this weekend?  Organise a game with your mates….

Return of the Jets…will be Next Sunday 7th June….teams players listed currently are:

  • League A 

NS Comrades     Team: Sean, Rory, Jordan       double header COMRADES (2 games each!!) at Silverdale club…0845 > 1130 ish

NS Knights          Team: Aza, Josh, Jamie           


  • League B  at Devonport club

NS Gunners        SORRY you have the BYE – NO GAME.

NS Ninjas            Team: Chris, Justin, Daniel     



  • Belmont 1 Dayer – Sunday 2nd August
  • Warkworth 1 Dayer – Sunday 23rd August



  • This Friday – with Jnr Coach Paul Tuffin…(have you spotted his name on the club honours board?)
  • See you there…


WEATHER FORECAST = Cold………COLD WEATHER REMEDY = Play Squash to stay warm !

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