Results from the Baker Electrical North Shore Masters 2015

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The Baker Electrical North Shore Masters started on Thursday the 4th of June so that the majority of players were only playing one game a day. Finishing on Saturday gave them everyone the day off for rest and recovery. Priscilla Brown traveled from Whangarei to play in our tournament and the remaining 63 players came from all over Auckland. The tournament went well and many a body was left on the court. Michelle Heron played Cherie Fletcher for the Women’s Division 1 title. The last time these 2 played each other was as juniors. Men’s division 3 kept reducing in numbers from 8 on Wednesday to only 2 actually playing on Saturday. All in all the players had fun and North Shore were pleased to host them at our club and will look to seeing them all again in 2016.

Results were

Men’s Division 1

Winner: Gary Duberly Runner Up:  Mark Waldin Special Plate: Damon Lord Plate: Geoff Parker Consolation Plate: Stu Sinclair

Men’s Division 2

Winner: Keith Morris Runner Up: Dave Edwards Special Plate: Rob Drent Plate: John Hunter Consolation Plate: Phil Howan

Men’s Division 3

Winner: Jeff Simmons Runner Up: Nathan Rimell

Men’s Division 4

Winner: Scott Svendsen Runner Up: Allan Robinson Special Plate: Fabian Quevit Plate: Ghanum Taylor Consolation Plate: Peter Clifford

Men’s Division 5

Winner: Robert Cox Runner Up: Apard Toinai Special Plate: Graeme Knowles Plate: Dominic Bradburn Consolation Plate: Paul Sands

Men’s Division 6

Winner: Alistair Hubbard Runner Up: Tim Gordon Special Plate: Yash Kant Plate: Tony Kerrigan Consolation Plate: Laurie Nickless

Women’s Division 1

Winner: Michelle Heron Runner Up: Cherie Fletcher

Women’s Division 2

Winner: Sue Hansen Runner Up: Jane Watson Special Plate: Kate Bingham Plate: Meraia Chapman Consolation Plate: Dorothea Kingan

Women’s Division 3

Winner: Linda Mee Runner Up: Rula Cooper Plate: Priscilla Brown

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