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Hi Squashettes


Junior Club night – This Friday – c’mon on down folks

It was pretty blimmin’ hot & humid last week, I was worried we might melt…. But we shouldn’t complain should we, because summer will start to fade ….and warming the ball will take longer!



Just a reminder that Paul is your free coach on these Friday nights….and you don’t get much for free…so don’t be shy…and ask him for a hit now and again and see what you can learn from him.


JUNIOR INTERCLUB ??? – if you’d like to play can you register/email me/textme by this Sunday 26th Feb please!

Games will commence March 5th, then 12th, then 26th… yes there will be 5 hot sweaty games for the bargain price of 5 games !

See Cool Poster attached.


Towards the end of 2016 quite a few players charged up the points table…and so if you got left behind in their dust, well let’s just say that you don’t need to worry about them anymore….


Entries open now per website link below .  Entries so far are a good mix of ‘regulars’, some newbies and some re-treads.

Entries will close in this Sunday 26th


I’m waiting for / expecting entries from

Sama, Mohammed, Danielle, maybe Ruby (?), also Tall Doug, Jared, and special guest star (?) Liam W.

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