The Club has always had a strong junior membership, and this is certainly being fostered. The Club runs two major junior programmes with beginners and lower level players receiving coaching on Friday evenings. Players who are identified of being of an ‘elite’ category receive additional coaching both within the Club, and are also recommended inclusion in the Auckland regional and the national coaching programmes. Many of New Zealand’s prominent squash players have passed through and benefited from the Club and its programmes.

The Club has also developed a very strong relationship with local schools, including Westlake Boys and Westlake Girls high schools, Carmel College, Murrays Bay Intermediate and Takapuna Intermediate School. The Club’s facilities are made available to the surrounding schools who use the Club facilities to introduce students to the game of squash.  The Club is also used for the inter school squash competition, which involves schools from all over the Auckland area.



We aim to provide a variety of training for our juniors with a big emphasis on fun. On most Friday evenings throughout the entire year NSSC run Junior Club nights, these are typically attended by 20-40 juniors of a complete mix of abilities, ages, gender and ethnicities!

Our 5:30pm group is for beginners and juniors that need to build some confidence using a racquet and connecting with the ball as well as understanding the basics of squash. In this session we work on basic squash skills, rules on marking and referring, we do fitness training and from time to time finish with a fun game.

6:30pm we pick it up a notch and work on routines, basic skills for those coming through, fitness training aimed at agility and movement to help with their game, we have also tried to encourage teens to move around through the different courts and stations so they develop good friendships within the group. This is proving successful and we have found they often meet up to play outside of junior nights now too.

Our usual junior coach is Paul Tuffin, himself an A grade player, and who is only too happy to offer some free advise

Senior – Juniors/Competitive Squash


Squash is competitive….very competitive actually! With every squash game there is only one result – someone wins and someone doesn’t.  These are in fact good life lessons and kids that can handle the losses as well as the wins are going to be better people for it.  The fun begins with the simple fact that everyone wants to win.


Competition squash starts with ‘Junior Interclub’ – essentially an individual competition, where players are initially assessed, graded and then put into appropriate playing divisions with the intent that the games are fair yet keenly contested.

Games are typically played on a Sunday morning during the school terms throughout the year, on dates selected to fit in with other tournaments.


North Shore Squash Club supports the competition organised by ‘Auckland Squash Junior Interclub’.  All the current details can be found at: www.aucklandsquashjuniors.nz


The next step up, is playing tournaments, often these are fixtures where all players play 3-4 matches in a single day, or possibly over a 3 day tournament.


Juniors generally commence at 100 points…and everyone progresses at their own pace…for many reasons.  By the time junior players reach approximately 900 grading points they will be well equipped to mix it up with the Seniors…!

7:30pm we have some of our elite juniors join in and many from the 6:30pm session that want to push their skills a bit further. During this time we run routines to test their skills and also encourage match play to put what they have learnt into practice. We have a few fantastic parents that bring their gear down and we all get on court with them and challenge them to rallies or games.

Junior Update

Hello Junior Squashers For a moment in time it warmed up…but right now its cold again…brrrr…it might be cold on court, but its lot colder outside ! JUNIOR CLUB NIGHT THIS FRIDAY That’s tomorrow [...]

Juniors Juniors Juniors

Hello Junior Squashies Question ! COLD WEATHER = C O L D YOU = C O L D S Q U A S H B A L L S  !!! PET HATE:  I HATE WARMING UP THOSE SQUASH BALLS….!! Here’s an idea – As you are getting [...]

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